Submersible De- watering Pump

Submersible De- watering Pump

Submersible De- watering Pump


Flow upto: 340 m3/hr
Head upto: 68 m
Temperature: up to 95°C
Delivery Size: DN 32 – DN 150

Product / design features

Vertical submersible dewatering pumps
Stage: Single
Free flow impeller free passage size up to 45 mm
Double mechanical seal
Oil barrier chamber with float switch winding temperature indicators moisture sensor

Optional features

Stationary / portable installation Dry/ wet pit installation
With/ without turbulator
Level sensor for single phase versions with/ without ceram coating for aggressive liquids

Material of construction

Casing – Cast Iron/Engineering
Plastic Impeller – Cast Iron / SS / Engineering Plastic


Dewatering dirty water containing sand
Construction sites

Prime movers

Submersible electric motors with IP68 protection with variety of motors include oil cooled, media cooled motors, flameproof motors

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