VLT® High Power Drives

VLT® High Power Drives

VLT® High Power Drives

The new Danfoss High Power Drives offer a number of important advantages:

Dimensions and weights are reduced by an average of 35 percent, making the High Power Drives easy to fit into very small installation spaces

Available in IP00, IP21 (NEMA 1) and IP54 (NEMA 12) enclosures

Built-in DC coils for harmonic suppression, RFI filters, mains switch and fuses

The smallest complete drives in their power range available today

IP00 enclosures suitable for building in a standard Rittal 1800 or 2200 mm cabinet

Easy maintenance because all parts are accessible through the front meaning drives can also be installed side-by-side, saving even more space

High efficiency (>98%), less cooling energy

Innovative Back Channel Cooling concept, keeping 85% of the excess heat out of the drive and the panel or cabinet

Pedestal making it possible to place the drive on the floor

Offers all the features and benefits of the new generation Danfoss VLT®AutomationDrive, VLT® HVAC Drive and VLT® AQUA Drive.

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